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Lango Foreign Languages for Kids | Wisconsin was established on the belief that every child can and should learn a second language.  Frustrated by the lack of options for children in our community to learn another language, we set out to provide a program that would teach children new languages in a fun, engaging and age-appropriate way.


We teach children ages 2 to 11-years-old new languages in full immersion classes through Adventure Learning ®, our innovative approach that combines stories, music and movement, playacting, and game-playing in an engaging format. Today, more than 4,000 students are taught each year by Lango across the U.S.

Growth in enrollment for Lango's Spanish, *Mandarin and *French classes reflects parents' understanding about the importance of exposure to another language at a young age.  The earlier a child begins a foreign language, the more dramatic the overall academic benefits.  Research shows that students who learn a foreign language score higher on standardized tests and perform better in school.  And, as the world economy becomes even more global, the benefits of speaking another language are clear. Open up a world of opportunities with Lango!


*Classes, camps, and languages offered vary depending on location. Contact us for availability at 1-888-413-0476 or e-mail

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Do you want your child to learn Spanish, but not able to make it to a Lango scheduled class? No worries, at-home private tutoring is now available! Click here for more information.

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If you are interested in bringing Lango to your school, please let us know! We offer Lango curriculum subscriptions for community centers, library's, daycare's, preschool's, and elementary school's throughout Dane County, Wisconsin.  

Please contact:

Jeremiah DeGollon  
(608) 692-2132


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